Thursday, 7 August 2014

dr candle

so I made this point and click adventure called dr. candle, I really enjoyed writing the notes left by the scientists. that was the best part. I added the combination lock part because i thought you have to put that in the games, but I don't like it. i've been playing a lot of thecatamites game recently and felt like I had permission to make some bad not much happening style games in a similar manner to 50 short games, not that they'er bad but you know like effortless and not carey appearing. unfortunately I lost interest in the early stages of development with Dr. Candle, and the game doesn't progress any further once you get to the room at the other side of the spikes in the Outside Level with the nature's sounds. The long text box thing was inspired by yoyogames games from the 'Most Recent' category, Most Recent is like a game maker game genre. There was this one game, Fright House. or, woops, Fear House, and it had theis introduction with default game maker text boxes with the really small default game maker font, and they look really ugly and you don't want to read them. Enjoy playing Dr Candle.

Monday, 21 July 2014

FP Diamond Finder

Based on 'Aline Connection', the 'First Person Diamond Finder' puts players in a new scenario, fully rendered 3D environments happy / churpy or reluctant excess wildlife. Known to have a foot sound glitch in caves described "sounds like older duck or a duckling", which has already been noted in Aline Connection but may have become an focus. It proved players disappointed with the series but discovers new people, a new beginning perhaps? Take hand and seek the Diamonds. "My name is Phillip Finder and I am your alongside" the iconic quote has begun the series off on previous occasions, Diamond Finder takes a new perspective from the beginning allowing player to respond out of multiple answer boxes e.g. "Yes" / "Ok" to adjust narrative outcome, players can realise the story on themselves and from the start will have a different in-hand alongside their avatar as a Diamond Guide. Diamond Interns will now have interactive Artificial Intelligence and will no longer follow a drawn path but will "walk around and unpredictable outcomes", as described by the author. Diamond Finder will give players a new look at flushed out 3D Environment and Sound Effects to realise the potentioal of the Computer Medium.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Death of the Augnob

A strange adventure involving eye socks, wiggly worm creatures, mushrooms, green liquid and some other things.

So I started out making the scene with the church building and the bridge, I thought it might just be all set in this area. The rest of the game world was built out from there. Although I really liked making it, it started to make me feel a bit sick. It was like making nuign specter, it was like a bad dream. I think I'm happy with the game now though.

The game draws inspiration mainly from The Neverhood and Jacob Buczynski's games. It also ended up reminding me of Space Funeral when I added the weird creatures moving around the levels. I wanted the game to appear to have more depth than what the player might expect, because it looks pretty ugly and bad. I put a bit of thought into the world and tried to keep a few things consistent. Some of the detail and mini narrative ideas were inspired by Hotline Miami. The sound of the world plays a big part of the game too, like with most of my games. Angus Mckie's science fiction illustrations were an influence on some of the visuals, like the mushrooms and yellow and red balloon things, they pretty much directly reference some of his work.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Space Pirate Dernshous

Dernshous was basically what I liked from Escape Velocity, which was seeing little spaceships flying around and shooting and docking at space stations, and the idea of going aboard other ships. So that's pretty much what Dernshous is, but I feel like it's still too much of a conventional game that it doesn't work how I'd like. I think I would've preferred it narrowed down more with a stronger focus rather than being half a normal space game. Dernshous was almost meant to be a much smaller version of Slumos, my other space flying game, but it got out of hand as well. I included an old version of the game because now I feel like it didn't need to be expanded on from that version, the new version just looks and sounds better.

Still trying to figure out what it is I want to do with this idea. I'm not really interested in making a big game that stands on it's own, maybe a bunch of small games that accompany eachother. Well I guess this is two games working together; flying around, then walking around on ships. But still, there's a lot stuff going on mechanics-wise. Rather than pouring my hours into the mechanics and the game working on it's own, I like the idea of making simple representations of these things happening, sort of like how you see background activity that isn't 'real' in some games, [thinking of Halo Reach background battles] they're only dummies to give the impression of things going on. I like the idea of a game that is basically a bunch of those moments. if you watch a video of say, Escape Velocity, you could pick out any few seconds of a space battle and write hundreds of words on the decisions being made/ could be being made by those little space-ships, like why that one is fighting and why that one is now warping away. and then how those small things have an effect on the rest of the entire game. But while you're playing the game you don't really care as much, you just want to get that ca$h over there to make the numbers climb. So much is going on in a game like this that, especially if you're the one playing, you tend to glance over most of it. I guess it's noticed mostly on a sub-conscious level that makes the game feel good, sort of like what Vlambeer talks about. Each moment is a story in itself. I like the idea of taking one of these moments and making that into a very small game itself, and making a bunch of these games that work together.

download the game:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Charge run and gun stampede game

This game was one of many results of my obsession with things exploding and lots of shooting and loud sounds. I wanted to basically make my own version of this game skirmish* without such focus on the military theme, I wanted my game to be a bit more surreal sci-fi and less easily relatable to real-world events. I've come across a few games like skirmish on yoyogames in-which you play as one seemingly insignificant character amongst other identical ones travelling across the level. These games have been an influence on me and I think pushed me toward basing some of my games around this idea. Charge doesn't really require skill, it's mostly based on random events but the player does still have a more powerful effect than the NPCs and needs to participate to get further across the level.

When I was deciding on the soundtrack, I thought about going for a song that makes you feel bad for what you're doing, similar to the go-to-car sequences in hotline miami, but I felt like making it less obvious. I think the music I chose by Jack King-Spooner still has some potential for this effect but is a lot more crazy and fast and doesn't give you time to think. It also gives the game a lot more energy.

A sequence I felt would be interesting to add was the quick glimpse into the factory pumping the dudes through the portal after you start the game. For this I was inspired by the 'train ride' within the citadel in half-life 2, I thought it added a lot to the experience just seeing a short glimpse of the inner workings of the combine. I'd like to maybe make a game based entirely on this type of sequence one time.

Another thing I definitely wanted to do with this game was to keep debri and bodies from disappearing, I wanted everything to stay and build up along the landscape to create a level of persistence. I don't think this has any lag effects until maybe 20 minutes or so into the game.

Charge isn't fun to play for long but I got a good kick out of making it.

Download charge:

* a much more enjoyable game to play than mine. my game only has 1 level, Skirmish has load-outs and a number of different levels and difficulties.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Death of the Augnog Mollusk

How to glitch lie down Beach Level:

This level is hard to access but if you get the Omega wand you can talk to the lamb which will spawn standing outside the blank building opposite the milk bar. This will take you to the Beach Level, but you don't automatically lie down. You must find the tiled bathroom which has the bird circling over it (shown above). Inside it will have a towel which you need to 'kick' outside. This can take up to 2 hours as you need to get in the right angle to kick the towel. Once it's outside, if you can line it up exactly where I did above, your character should glitch into lie-down mode with the arm touching the head of the character. Make sure you go inside the grey building every now and then so your local star radiation levels stay low. If you stay long enough, after about 8 hours the level will instantly switch to night time, and at night time predators come out so you'd better head back to town when that happens. (In this area the same bird ambient sound repeats regularly which can get really annoying, I turned off the sound in my game.)

(Extra) Getting around the enemy on level Awkward Awakening:

So to do this you have to bring your HP down to 20% which you can use the knife you earned last level to do (this causes the wild-life in the first section to react differently other than be still) (the knife can take down up to 200% health). Next just walk right on through the forest and when you come to the tallest tree you have to sleep at this point for 9 hours which will make the tall tree much taller. Sleeping will give your health up another 50% so you'll need to get it back down to 20%, you can do this by finding and running into a Grognog which will always smell you before attacking, it's breath won't smell to bad for your character (no poisonous Augnog count) but it's attack will bring your health down to 20%. It's smell will pass on to it's fellow Grognog which can be bad. Be quick before it kills you. Once you've taken enough damage run back to the tall tree, if the texture hasn't popped in yet you can usually grant a wish at that location. If you can I'd recommend wishing for a rainbow knife, which can upgrades your defence by 24.0002%. The enemy should be waiting behind the stone which is behind the tall tree. Now you can ask an animal to help you. Hit the tall tree. The coconuts off the tall tree should reach terminal velocity which should make the enemy disappear is one hit on any of it's heads. Your low health will also make the enemy feel more confident which makes this process easier because it won't try as hard. Using the Noogos' head can usually hit the tall tree hard enough for multiple coconuts to fall. Be as quick as possible but if the enemy sinks I'd recommend climbing up a tree further from it rather than closer. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

alone in the dark

what's scarier?


Alone in the dark newer version



DOS version

THIS IS scary, you see this thing hovering around outside the window in the void and then it breaks through the glass and is then INSIDE THE ROOM WITH YOU. It's even hard to make out what it is because of the lack of shadows, it's soooo scary. And the player moves really slowly which makes it even more scary.


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